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Amish Furniture Crafts - Wood Stain Colors
OAK - NATURAL OAKOAK - NATURAL OAK(OAK - NATURAL OAK) The lightest,brightest shade of oak,displayingall the natural variations of the wood.It is normal to see sections that have a slight greenish or pinkish cast among the white and light golden shades.Occasional dark mineral streaks may also appear.
OAK - MEDIUM WALNUTOAK - MEDIUM WALNUT(OAK - MEDIUM WALNUT) is rapidly becoming one of our most popular colors.This is a deep,warm red - brown with a lot of gold.It works well with other dark woods,but it is not all dull.It's a bright and cheerful tone.
OAK - OLD WORLD MISSIONOAK - OLD WORLD MISSION(OLD WORLD MISSION) is the color most ofton used on Mission - style furniture.It is a clear,rich,dark red brown.This the darkest and most opaque of our oak colors,but it still has warmth and a hint of red.
CHERRY - NATURAL CHERRYCHERRY - NATURAL CHERRY(CHERRY - NATURAL CHERRY) The natural color of cherry wood.This starts out pale and darkens rapidly with exposure to light.After a few month,natural cherry is a rich,warm red-gold color,with great depth and a faint shimmer.You may see considerable variation of color whitin a peice,with some boards noticeably lighter then other. the variation is characteristic of cherry wood.
CHERRY - MEDIUM CHERRYCHERRY - MEDIUM CHERRY(CHERRY - MEDIUM CHERRY) is a warm dark brown.This the most obviously brown of the cherry stains,with no orange or red tendencies,highlights are slightly golden.
CHERRY - WASHINGTONCHERRY - WASHINGTON(CHERRY - WASHINGTON) is our most popular color for cherry.A warm rich red-brown,Washington lends great touch to the smooth cherry grain.This stain is frequently used on furniture for the formal dining room,It is equally at home in a more casual setting.
1/4 SAWN OAK - NATURAL1/4 SAWN OAK - NATURAL(1/4 SAWN OAK - NATURAL) is the natural color of 1/4 sawn oak wood.Really brings out the beauty of the grains of the wood.
1/4 SAWN OAK - MEDIUM WALNUT1/4 SAWN OAK - MEDIUM WALNUT(1/4 SAWN OAK - MEDIUM WALNUT) is a clear,warm,dark brown. This is the classic Mission Oak color and reminds you of antique peices you've seen.
1/4 SAWN OAK - MICHAEL'S CHERRY1/4 SAWN OAK - MICHAEL'S CHERRY(1/4 SAWN OAK - MICHAEL'S CHERRY) is always stained dark in order to bring out the beauty of it's unique grain.Michaels is the lighter of the two dark stains.It's a bright deep brown with brilliant golden highlights.