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Cutting Boards Wooden
Cutting Boards Wooden

Cutting Boards Wooden

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Cutting Boards Wooden
Cutting board - paddleCutting board - multi wood w/1 handle - pizza serverCutting board -wallCutting board -set w display rackCutting board - cheeseCutting board - breadCutting board -narrow stripeCutting board -exotic w/handleCutting board - exotic
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Safely slice and chop your meat.vegetables and bread on our luxurious Amish handcrafted Wooden Cutting Boards.

Offering our Amish Handmade Wooden Cutting Boards with multiple size & design options -(Cheese,Bread,Pizza,exotic ext....) This timeless classic Cutting Board will add that special touch to any kitchen and is available in multiple sizes to fit your needs.

When quality and craftsmanship count, our handcrafted Amish Cutting Board far surpasses mass-manufactured cutting boards.

options - Oak, Exotic, Multi - wood.

We offer innovative Amish furniture products that are well-suited to ever-changing lifestyle
Size - cutting board - exotic - large 12"x 18"x 1.5"
Size - cutting board - exotic - small 9"x 12"x 1.5"
Size - cutting board - exotic w/handle 10"x 16"x 1.5"
Size - cutting board - multi wood - small rectangle (narrow striped) 11.25"x9"x .75"
Size - cutting board - multi wood - 1 handle pizza server 17.5"x 12.25"x .75"
Size - cutting board - multi wood - large - rectangle w/blood grove (narrow striped) 11.25"x 15"x .75"
Size - cutting board - bread 19.5"x 7"x .75"
Size - cutting board - cheese 10"x 8"x .75"
Size - cutting board - large 15"x 10"x .75"
Size - cutting board - Medium 12.5"x 9"x .75
Size - cutting board - paddle 16"x 7.5"x .75"
Size - cutting board - display rack only 9"x 12.5"x 4.25"
Size - cutting board - wall mount 10"x 17"x .75"
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Amish handcrafted Quality - Solid Wood - Made in the U.S.A.