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Lazy Susan’s, unsolved mystery of its origin

Lazy Susan’s, unsolved mystery of its origin

Lazy Susan’s, unsolved mystery of its origin by: Glenn Mast

If you are considering the purchase of a Lazy Susan, be careful out there. There are some things you should watch for in the construction to insure your investment is worthwhile. Specifically, the material it is made with, the turntable swivel mechanism and the size of the turntable are all important considerations.

The use of the Lazy Susan started way back in the 1700s. Back then, it was referred to as a dumbwaiter because it allows food to be served without the need for any waiters. How it came to be called a lazy Susan is a mystery that has never been solved. Many questions have been raised pertaining to the origin of these Lazy Susans.

Some say that Susan was a common servant name during that time; thus, it was called such. Other records say that it was Thomas Edison who invented this dining contraption in the 1700s and supposedly named it after his daughter. Who knows who the real inventor was; the wooden Lazy Susan still became one of the most popular dining accessories of all time.

Today, you can purchase Lazy Susans made from glass, plastic, wood and even bamboo. For pure beauty, those made from beautiful hardwoods win hands down. And will enhance the décor of any kitchen or dining room.

For years, this type of furniture has been used in the household not just for its functionality but for it aesthetic value as well. It gives a nice rustic appeal to the dining room. The Lazy Susan can be made from any type of high quality wood like oak or pine in order to suit the presentation and theme of the dining table.

For wooden turntables, it is best if the turntable is made from strips of wood that are glued together, which helps prevent warping and cracking: A single piece of wood can warp over time and form cracks that attract food crumbs and other debris. Picking the right color and natural wood design makes for a more attractive display.


The swivel mechanism is all important to insure a smooth operation. You should look for turntables with a mechanism that is made with ball bearings. These are the only devices that will work well. Furthermore, the device should be recessed into the base so that the turntable has a low profile.

Lazy Susan’s come in a variety of sizes. You do not want one that is so small that it is difficult to reach from the table nor do you want one that to so large that there is not adequate room for tableware and utensils. The best way to insure that you get the proper size is to measure your table. For oblong tables, measure the distance from side to side. For round tables measure the diameter. Pick a turntable that will allow at least a minimum of 18" to 24" of room for your dinnerware. That should allow for easy reach of the turntable and adequate room for other table items.

Lazy Susan’s not only provide for an organized and convenient way to serve your meals, they can also enhance the décor of any kitchen or dining room. Choosing one with quality construction will insure a long life and possibly even allow for passing down to future generations.

Author Resource: Glenn Mast is a successful business owner of a couple websites that offer Amish Handcrafted Products. His sites offer products and information about Amish Made Products & decor for your home, lawn or garden.



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