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Teach Children thru Wooden Puzzles; by Glenn Mast 

Preparing your child for school is an important step in their lives. However there are many ways to give them a learning advantage with wooden puzzles. Children can learn a great deal from wooden puzzles, and it can encourage them to learn on their own.

Having the desire for independent learning is one of the most powerful advantages that your child can have. In order to encourage this at a early age you should give them puzzles. The earlier in their lives you start to challenge them, the more they benefit from it. 

The level of the puzzle should be determined by how advanced they are.

The level of your child's advancement has nothing to do with their age. Some children are just more prone to solving problems than others. One thing you should never do is force your child to work on something. Instead of ordering them around to meet your own needs you should encourage them in a different more successful manner.

The way to do this with wooden puzzles is to pique their curiosity; this will make them want to solve the problem on their own. Puzzles might be word games, shape games, or literal puzzles. Many children that are good at thinking and problem solving can attribute it to putting together puzzles with their family members.

The ways children can learn from these puzzles and games is enormous. What doesn't seem like active learning to some adults can be the foundation for a lifetime of discovery. When children are allowed to solve their wooden puzzles on their own they tend to develop the ability to think outside the box. They also tend to see the big picture more clearly than other children.

Although many parents take this as a sign that they need to push their kids as hard as possible. This is not the case as children will often shut down if they are pushed too hard. You have to let their learning potential develop at their own pace. The best way to encourage your child is to give them as much information as they want on any subject as they are growing up. You can also buy them sound games to help them learn words, and animal names.

Of course if your child is already in school you're going to want something a bit more advanced than this. Children of all ages typically enjoy math puzzles that help them learn as they have fun. The trick to getting them to learn is to make them think that the game is fun so they don't realize they're learning. So when encouraging your child to learn it's important to give them as many puzzles and educational games as they want. If you can do it right they won't even know they're learning. Just remember not to push them and to go at their pace, and not yours.

Author Resource: Glenn Mast is a successful business owner of a couple websites that offer Amish Handcrafted Products. His sites offer products and information about Amish Made Products & decor for your home, lawn or garden.




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