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Use a Rocking Chair to relive Stress in your Children

Use a Rocking Chair to relive Stress in your Children

Use a Rocking Chair to relive Stress in your Children by: Glenn Mast

The rocking motion of a child’s rocking chair can be a big stress reliever in your children. Yes, your child can be stressed out by you lieveing them to go run errands and leaving them behind with the baby sitter or with older siblings. They could be pressured by the demands to eat there vegetables or stop bed wetting. If you notice them reverting to thumb sucking, nose-picking, and hair twirling, that's probly a good sign that they are stressed.

With a little kid’s rocking chair, they can relax and get relief:

A rocking chair will also give them new sensations in motion. This will be a learning experience, like the first time she took the swing on your lap. With a kids rocking chair, it is safer and they can sit themselves on it without much assistance from you. They can use the same chair while leafing through their books, draw pictures or play "grandma." But the best thing of all is feeling being gently rocked as you have rocked them to sleep hundreds of times.

Behavior Signs of a Stressed out Child;

Little children do not understand what’s going on when they are worried about mom’s coming later than usual or Dad’s implicit instructions not to disturb him when he’s busy. Even a change to the big bed can be an earth shattering event when children are so attached to their cribs.

Worry and anger can erupt in unusual behavior such as not wanting to spend time with other kids, suffer frequent headaches and stomach aches. Changes in sleeping patterns, soiling and bedwetting are also symptoms of stress. You might observe their fear of loud noises, tantrums, nightmares or wakefulness at night, these should alert you to your child’s emotional state.

Reaching out to a Stressed Child;

Rocking them can help if they are old enough. The small rocking chair should be comfortable, durable, and pretty of course. You can rock in yours while they rocks in harmony with your pace. This relaxing exercise can be a game and they will look forward to rocking in their rocking chair.

This ritual can be a happy one for both of you. Those quiet moments of bonding will assure them that there’s someone who has the time for them and who is ready to listen to them, go over the coloring books with them while they rock and have fun with their art and books. The kid’s rocking chair will have happy associations for them when they are fully grown.

Author Resource: Glenn Mast is a successful business owner of a couple websites that offer Amish Handcrafted Products. His sites offer products and information about Amish Made Products & decor for your home, lawn or garden. 





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